Diamond Cake Class


Topics for this course

16 Lessons(4h 55m 21s )

Diamond Cake Class

1. Introduction00:04:31
2. Making Gold Velvet Stencils29:26
3. Covering 1st Tier Dummy Cake with Paneling Technique16:27
4. Covering 2nd Tier Dummy Cake with Wrapping Technique & Making Sharp Edges00:36:38
5. Applying Fault Line Technique to Cover the 3rd Tier Dummy Cake00:33:36
6. Covering 4th Tier Dummy Cake with Marble Effect & Making Sharp Edges00:18:02
7. Introduction to Isomalt and Making Moulds00:10:19
8. Tempering Isomalt00:07:40
9. Making Square Tiles and Diamond Panels from Isomalt00:26:53
10. Assembling Diamond Panels to Form the 3-D Diamond00:25:15
11. Preparing Multi-color Isomalt Gems00:12:02
12. Assembling the Cake00:05:58
13. Sticking Isomalt Tiles on the 2nd Tier Dummy Cakeon00:18:35
14. Decorating 3rd and 4th Tiers with Isomalt Gems, Gold Flakes and Pearls00:34:32
15. Adding Gold Touch to Isomalt Diamonds and Installing Diamonds onto the Cake00:14:19
16. Final Speech00:01:12

What You Get

  • Language: English
  • Subtitles Options: English & Turkish
  • 16 Streaming HD video lessons of almost 5 hours.
  • Lifetime Access: Can be accessed from anywhere at any time on any device; mobile friendly as well.
  • Hours of close-up, step by step instructions.
  • Downloadable and printable class resources including material list, isomalt diamond and isomalt tile template.
  • Valuable tips, tricks, shortcuts and trade secrets from Zeynep, based on years of experiences in the cake design industry.
  • Continuous support to resolve any single technical issue arising.

What You Learn

  • Making Super Sharp Edges with Fondant - 2 Different Techniques Learn how to cover a Styrofoam Dummy Cake with 2 different techniques; wrapping & paneling techniques and make perfect sharp edges with each technique.
  • Learn How to Work with Isomalt Learn how to work with isomalt with step-by-step guidance. Learn to cook, color and cool isomalt safely and successfully.
  • Learn How to Make Your Own Isomalt Mold with Easy to Find Materials Learn how to make your own reusable isomalt mold with a very unique and innovative method Zeynep has developed.
  • Making 3-D Diamond Glasslike Isomalt Cake Topper Using your own self-made isomalt mold, you will learn how to create a gorgeous 3-D Isomalt Diamond.
  • Making 2-D Glasslike Isomalt Tiles Using your own self-made isomalt mold, you will learn how to create textured isomalt tiles. The same technique will allow you to make any specific 2-D isomalt decoration depending your creativity.
  • Utilizing Silicone Molds to Shape Isomalt Learn how to pour isomalt into molds in order to easily make a variety of fun shapes. You will see a demonstration of this technique while making sparkling jewels.
  • Making Cracked Marble Effect Achieve a contemporary look by learning how to apply marble effect and make natural looking cracks filled with glittery gold and gems.
  • Learn How to Get Fault-Line Effect Out of Fondant Fault line cake means creating deliberate cracks (faults) around the middle of the cake. It is usually made out of buttercream. In our online cake class, you will have the opportunity to make the same crack (fault) out of fondant. You will also learn how to fill this crack with isomalt gems and glittery gold to create a "glamorous fault line"! Despite its complicated look, a fault line cake is surprisingly easy to make with fondant.
  • Learn How to Apply Stencil on the Cake and Make Gold Velvet Texture Learn how to make gold velvet textured pattern on your cake using stencil and other simple materials.


Mutlu Dukkan Academy
As the founder of Mutlu Dükkan in 2011, Zeynep Yümlü has become a widely recognized award-winning cake designer specialized in creating beautiful, elegant and stylish celebration cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

In 2010 she had the opportunity to take a nine-day long course from Sandy Folsom – the Director of “The Wilton School USA”. As a result of her pursuit to perfection she was the first cake decorator in Turkey making sharp-edged cakes. Since that day all cakes at Mutlu Dükkan have only been designed and crafted with sharp edge perfection.

In 2011 she traveled to Sydney, Australia and took a one-month long intensive course program from the very famous “Planet Cake”. During this program she had the opportunity to work with well-known sugar artists such as Jessica Pedemont, Anna Maria Roche, Christopher Chavez and Luigi Stivaletta. Back from this long trip, she decided to set up her own studio in Istanbul, Turkey.

Zeynep had pleasure of being featured in “Cake Masters”, “Cake Design France”, “Cake Geek”, Marie Claire Maison, Elle magazines and numerous TV programs, newspapers, blogs and web-sites. In 2014 Zeynep received Elele x Avon’s “Best Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” award as a kind validation of the path she chose.

With more than 10 years of experience, Zeynep has reached the opportunity to teach and train more than 1.000 students in her own studio. Now, you have chance to start learning with Zeynep Yümlü and get valuable tips, tricks, shortcuts and trade secrets based on years of experience in cake decorating industry.
Zeynep Yumlu